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Kiara Ortiz


Ethnic Gem in the Making: Kiara Ortiz

School: Spelman College
Major: Psychology
GPA: 3.3

By: Jon Salvi, Contributing Writer


This senior at Spelman College has her sights set on great things while working at EMC Corporation. Kiara Ortiz, a native of Seattle, Washington, selected psychology as her major because it is the study that seeks to improve and understand the world. Psychology can be applied to the workplace by the use of industrial organizational psychology, which focuses on different theories and strategies to increase productivity, quality of corporate culture, and employee satisfaction.… Read More »

Cesar Flores-Montoya


Ethnic Gem in the Making: Cesar Flores-Montoya

School: Virginia State University
Major: Computer Science
GPA: 3.1

By: Jon Salvi, Contributing Writer


Cesar Flores-Montoya, a Tampa, Florida native, will be graduating from Virginia State University this upcoming December. He began as a physical education major but quickly switched to mathematics. The computer science courses compelled him to mathematics, in which Cesar excelled. Cesar realized that he understood and could write code.… Read More »

Raven Burns


Ethnic Gem in the Making: Raven Burns

School: Tuskegee University
Major: Business Administration / Finance
GPA: 3.4

By: Jon Salvi, Contributing Writer


Raven Burns is a business administration and finance major in her senior year at Tuskegee University. She has brought her abilities to EMC Corporation. She chose EMC because of their diversity and inclusion policies. She sees this as an opportunity for everyone to explore various careers.… Read More »

Leon Livingston


Ethnic Gem in the Making: Leon Livingston

School: Morehouse College
Major: Business Administration
GPA: 3.6

By: Jon Salvi, Contributing Writer


Heading into his senior year at Morehouse College, Leon Livingston aspires to someday run his own business. This native of Chicago, Illinois, chose his current major of business administration with a concentration in finance for several reasons. At a young age, he was given the responsibility to run the finances of the house by his grandmother.… Read More »

Adesola Abimbola


Ethnic Gem in the Making: Adesola Abimbola

School: Howard University
Major: Engineering & Computer Science
GPA: 3.4

By: Jon Salvi, Contributing Writer


Going into her junior year at the prestigious Howard University, Adesola Abimbola thrives on impacting and empowering people’s lives through teaching. Adesola, a native of Lagos, Africa, is taking advantage of the opportunity to be a part of EMC Corporation, based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. She was impressed by the culture and the excitement that the employees exhibited at the RSA Conference in San Francisco this past April.… Read More »

Carolyn Melissa Harris


Ethnic Gem in the Making: Carolyn Melissa Harris

School: Claflin University
Major: Business Administration
GPA: 3.8

By: Jon Salvi, Contributing Writer


Carolyn Harris, of Laurens, South Carolina, is on pace to graduate from Claflin University with a degree in business administration. She became motivated during her senior year of high school by dreaming of one day establishing her own non-profit, There is Still Hope. This non-profit would provide aid to battered women from the ages of 18 to 29.… Read More »

Alfredo Cox


Ethnic Gem in the Making: Alfredo Cox

School: University of Puerto Rico, Mayuguez Campus
Major: Computer Engineering
GPA: 3.1

By: Jon Salvi, Contributing Writer


Alfredo Cox, a native of Naguabo, Puerto Rico, is entering his senior year as a computer engineering major at the University of Puerto Rico (UPRM). His motivation behind selecting this major was to understand how machines worked. One of Alfredo’s goals is to develop a program or hardware that could help people with special needs.… Read More »

Kelly Charne Brown


Ethnic Gem in the Making: Kelly Charne Brown

School: Southern University and A&M University
Major: Business Management
GPA: 3.4

By: Jon Salvi, Contributing Writer


This Baton Rouge, Louisiana native is on schedule to graduate this December from Southern University and A&M University with a degree in business management. Kelly Brown has great leadership qualities, including the ability to communicate and collaborate with a diverse work force made up of her peers.Read More »

Michael Glen


Ethnic Gem in the Making: Michael Glen

School: Alabama A & M University
Major: Mechanical Engineering

By: Jon Salvi, Contributing Writer


Michael Glen is entering his senior year as a mechanical engineering student at Alabama A&M University. Michael has accumulated over two years of progressive experience specializing in project team supervision, energy efficiency analysis, and machine and mechanical design. He has been trained in the full cycle of product design from concept to production and assembly.… Read More »

Saadia Aziz

January 2015 EGM Saadia Aziz

Ethnic Gem in the Making: Saadia Aziz

School: Tufts University
Major: Dental Medicine
GPA: 3.0
By: Tammie Patterson, Contributing Writer


For some, the opportunity and challenge to excel in more than one arena exists. Saadia Aziz graduated cum laude in 2005with a degree in microbiology from the University of New Hampshire. It was there that she began her journey in research, and accepted an invitation to work in an oncology laboratory at Yale University.Read More »