Book Club

Don’t Be a Boomerang Kid


Don’t Be A Boomerang Kid – by Jacqueline Jones

Don’t Be A Boomerang Kid — A Young Adult’s Guide to Success is a motivational and practical guide for teenagers and young adults preparing to leave home for college or to live on their own. It takes them on a journey in which they explore personal relationships, careers, personal finances, spiritual growth, and service to others.


This book is a great tool for parents, mentors, teachers, teenagers, and young adults alike!…

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A Black Woman’s Guide To Networking


A Black Woman’s Guide To Networking – by Juliette Mayers, Executive, Author & Speaker

Esteemed author, speaker and executive, shares the playbook that helped her achieve the American Dream. This inspirational book is for black professional women and others who are open to building cross-cultural relationships. It gives voice to the advancement of women. In addition to practical networking tips, the book features Networking Master Class — advice from diverse professionals who have mastered the art of networking.…

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