Ethnic Gems in the Making

Ethnic GEM in the Making: Erika Lopez

June 2017 EGM Pic of Erika Lopez

Ethnic GEM in the Making: Erika Lopez


School: Yale University
: Psychology & Neuroscience
GPA: 3.73

Written by: Doron Monk Flakes, Senior Writer


Not Park Slope, not Williamsburg where the hipsters like to live these days.” she says. “Southern Brooklyn, twenty minutes from the Coney Island boardwalk where I spent a lot of time as a child studying marine biology at the aquarium.”

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Ethnic GEM In the Making: Solomon Ugbane

June 2017 Pic of Solomon Ugbane

Ethnic GEM In the Making: Solomon Ugbane


School: UMass Lowell
: Mechanical Engineering


Solomon Ugbane has spent more than six years studying at UMass Lowell, first earning an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and now a master’s degree. 

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Ethnic Gem: Al Tariq Harris

April 2017 EGM Al Harris Article Picture

Ethnic Gem In The Making: Al Tariq Harris

School: University of Hartford
:Cinema, University of Hartford
GPA: 3.66


Written by Doron Monk Flakes, Senior Contributing Writer


Sardonic nihilist Kiki haunts the halls of her school, subjugating the will of any hapless inkblot in her path. She drags her BFFs kicking and screaming in her wake of destruction. She takes relentless aim at the fourth wall. She tap dances in and out of her animated format gleefully.…

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Ethnic Gem in the Making: Sabrina Rivera


Ethnic Gem in the Making: Sabrina Rivera

School:  University of Hartford, College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Communication with an emphasis in Journalism
GPA: 4.0

CNN, NBC, Wall Street Journal, or maybe even Ethnic Online could all be stopping grounds for Ethnic Gem in the Making Sabrina Rivera! This Latina native hales from Windsor CT and the proud daughter of parents who moved from Puerto Rico to Hartford CT is poised to take the media world by storm!

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Ethnic Gem in the Making: Fontaine Chambers

2016 October Official Photo for EGM Fontiane Chambers

Ethnic Gem in the Making: Fontaine Chambers


School: University of Connecticut
Major: Political Science and minor in Criminal Justice
GPA: 3.72


By: Tammy Patterson, Contributing Writer


Scholarships are EARNED, not given! And because of incredible work ethics instilled in her at an early age along with great vision, we are honored to introduce you to Ethnic Gem in the Making, Fontaine Chambers. This political science major with a minor in criminal justice graduated cum laude from UCONN this spring and destined for greatness!

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Janice Catherine Castle


Ethnic Gem: Janice Catherine Castle

Title: Director of Community Engagement for the City of Hartford
State: Connecticut

Edited by Leonard Webb, Publisher

orn and raised on the island of Grenada, Janice moved to Hartford, CT with her family in 1993. Upon arrival, she saw the potential that the city had to offer and fell in love. From the cuisine: West Indian, Italian, Mexican, Hispanic; The arts: The Greater Hartford Jazz Fest, The Wadsworth Athenaeum, the Bushnell, Hartford Stage, to name a few; and the people from all races, creeds and walks of life.…

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Kemar Edwards


Ethnic Gem: Kemar Edwards

School: University of Hartford
Major: Biology
GPA: 3.80


By: Tammy Patterson, Contributing Writer


Trips to the beach as a young boy led Kemar Edwards to the career he pursues today.  It was at beaches in his native Manchester, Jamaica and on family trips in the United States that he discovered sea urchins, starfish and other echinoderm.…

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