Publisher’s Notes

January – March 2015


Publisher’s Notes


Welcome to this issue of Ethnic Online. With the winter in New England in full affect, our goal is to add a little warmth, excitement, anticipation all while keeping you Inspired, Motivated and Educated about what’s new in New England.


First join me in congratulating Boston Mayor Marty Walsh for his appointing Chief Diversity Officer Shaun Blugh and Deputy Chief Diversity Officer Freda Brasfield to these historic positions. …

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October – December 2014


Publisher’s Notes


Hello Ethnic Online readers! There is nothing like fall in New England- the foliage is in full effect, a sight that draws people to New England from around the country just to experience the beauty that comes every year around this time. Speaking of this time of year, Gala Season is in full effect as well. The 27th Annual Steppin’ Out Gala is right around the corner!… Read More »