Define Your Own Way


Define Your Own Way – by Nicole Roberts Jones, Speaker, Author, Empowerment Coach
Define Your Own Way speaks powerfully to women about living a fulfilled, healthy, happy, and complete life as it takes readers on a journey to find and perform in your passion and purpose in all you do. In each chapter, readers are given keys to help them develop every area of life from letting go of limits placed on them, to self esteem, self image, finances, education, health, sexuality, friends, your mate, cultivating a plan of action toward your ideal future and the most important ingredient of them all, faith. All these topics are covered in this compelling book to help readers unravel for themselves a road map toward living a purpose driven life.


The book is a timely instrument of hope and purpose written for African American women ages 19 – 35 who find themselves at a the crossroads between adolescence and adulthood. Even for the seasoned woman who is looking to redefine her life, the book shares great nuggets that will help all design the life of their dreams. Define Your Own Way is an inspirational book that hones in on finding self and ultimately looks at self definition that translates into the decisions we make today for our own life which ultimately do not just Define Your Own Way but also works to light the path of those generations to come after us.



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