Ethnic Gem: Daniel Irvin

Ethnic Gem: Daniel Irvin


Title: President & Founder, Daniel Irvin Photography

State: Boston MA


A Diamond in the Rough! Meet Daniel Irvin, Photographer Extraordinaire!


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New Edition, Donna Summers and Celtic Basketball great Dana Barros are just a few celebrities whose roots started in Roxbury MA, at one point a challenging city which made it difficult for African Americans to thrive. Introducing photographer extraordinaire Daniel Irvin, A Roxbury MA native who is quickly becoming the photographer of choice!


This diamond in the rough is sought after not just in his home base of Roxbury, but all of New England, New York, Atlanta and California. Just take a look at some of these photos and you will quickly see why!!


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Watching his mom taking family photos and capturing moments as a child is what inspired Daniel to seek a profession in photography. Currently equipped with a “Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Design” from the New England Institute of Art in Boston MA, Daniel is well qualified in his field. After stints in the corporate world at companies such as Adidas Group, Last Panda Creative Media, Harvard Business School Publishing and Boston Magazine, Daniel decided 9 years ago it was time to follow his heart and strike out on his own and perfect his craft!


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Influenced by well-known Boston photographers Orett Robinson who is known for taking pictures of images for people and corporations and his attention to technical details. Daniel also credits the works of world renowned African American photographer Gordon Parks, who told the story of black people through pictures and film while at the same time opening the doors for photographers of color as one of his mentors.


Daniel is sought after to capture moments at major concerts, weddings, fashions shows, magazine shoots, family photos and so much more! His attention to details and listening to his clients is one of the few things that set him apart from most photographers.


Kindred The Family Soul @ BAM Fest, Roxbury, MA

Kindred The Family Soul @ BAM Fest, Roxbury, MA

His style of photography has caught the eyes of:


This Diamond in the roughs work can be seen in countless magazines such Boal Magazine, Bay State Banner and major art institutions like Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, NECS, The Freedom House, Taste of Somerville just to name a few.


In talking with Daniel he passionately told me that “for him it is a great job and a wonderful lifestyle which he would never trade in for anything; even if he won the mega millions, but he did say he may take a break for a week if that were to happen”.


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Bell Biv Devoe and Run DMC celebrating Mike Bivens 50th Birthday on Roxbury Basketball Court

Always wanting to give back, Daniel tells me that over the next 5 years he plans on opening his first studio, that will provide the opportunity for people to grow as photographers and videographers. His goal is to have a studio that makes a difference in his community where he can teach the youth how to be creative business men and women!


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When not expressing himself through photography and videography, you will find the laid-back Daniel enjoying his love for martial arts, basketball, watching movies for cinematic inspiration and spending time with family and loved ones.


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