Ethnic Gem: Kobi Dennis

Ethnic Gem: Kobi Dennis

Title: Providence Community Activist

State: Providence RI



Kobi Dennis Announces Run for Mayor of Providence


Submitted by Ann Allison Clanton,

In a video Providence, Rhode Island native Community Activist and Operation Desert Storm Veteran Kobi Dennis announced his candidacy for Mayor of the City of Providence on October 1st. Proclaiming “We are running together…I don’t care what you are”, said Dennis–a Democrat and Republican–in the online Video.


kobiWhen Dennis, a novice to the political process, was asked why he chose to run, he said “I think the people of Providence are ready for change” and Collective Leadership is what the people of Providence deserve, combined intellect is the only way forward in 2018″


Early out of the gate, Dennis will likely face several primary candidates including the current Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza, who he supported for Mayor.  During an interview with the online publication GoLocalProv’s Publisher, Josh Fenton, Dennis says of Elorza, “he promised the world.” Dennissays“the one term Mayor has forgotten about infrastructure, basic City services for the residents and has yet to choose a Fire Chief”.


The Elorza Administration has not chosen a fire chief and there are more firefighters in the City than policeman.  Having never held public office before, Dennis acknowledges that this will be a learning process. “He wants to build a grassroots campaign where he’ll have both seasoned political operatives and the neighbors from next door working for him,” he said.


What he lacks in political experience, he makes up for with knowledge of the city and its people. He went to Central High School. After completing a tour in the Navy that sent him overseas during Operation Desert Storm, Dennis returned to the city. In many ways Providence is his city. Never one to not speak his mind, Dennis has scrutinized the current City administration for having more fireman than police. He is an outspoken supporter of the movement to see a mayor of color appointed to the City of Providence.

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