Ethnic Gem: Yoni Vaughn

Ethnic Gem: Yoni Vaughn


Title: CEO & Founder of Highly Maintained, Waist Training and Surgical Consulting (HM)

State: New Haven, CT


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Have you ever tried on your favorite dress or pair of pants and they just weren’t fitting right? Or have you ever looked down to see your shoes or feet and had an obstructed view? With efforts of exercising not quite doing the trick, there is an alternative to consider.


Say hello to J. Vaughn, born and raised in New Haven and proud Owner and CEO of Highly Maintained Waist Training and Surgical Consulting (HM) in New Haven, CT who has created a place for women (and men) to come together and let their guards down when discussing body image and shape.


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She is passionate about encouraging clients to open up about their deepest insecurities in order to address them. As a college student at Bowie State University, her weight fluctuated almost all 4 years due to stress and lack of exercise. Graduating in 2010 brought on her desire to change her lifestyle and let go of the fast food and late nights of partying. In order to achieve her body goals, she decided to implement a simple exercise and diet regimen which included high protein meals, waist training and daily workouts. Satisfied with the overall lifestyle change but still insecure about her actual shape, plastic surgery seemed like a simple yet intricate fix. In 2014, she went forward with her decision to undergo liposuction and fat transfer to the hips and buttocks.


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Soon after, she was so thrilled with her ability to re-create herself that she wanted to share this new-found joy with any one yearning to create a better version of themselves.



She now caters to clients across the USA and Abroad. What’s most important to HM is to ensure each client understands that in order to create something you’ve never had you have to do something you have never done; whether that’s implementing a meal plan, wearing a waist trainer, starting and exercise regimen or undergoing plastic surgery. HM is here to supports its clients in the best way possible.


When not making a difference in the lives of so many at Highly Maintained and working as a financial consultant at Yale University, you can find Yoni embracing in her favorite hobbies, like traveling the world meditating or swimming, actually Yoni competed in synchronize swimming for years while qualifying for the 2008 Olympics!


Mentored and guided by several prominent women from the New Haven Links and actively involved with the New Haven Chapter of the NAACP, Yoni has a solid foundation to be successful for many years to come.


To learn more visit for a list of products and services.


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