Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce “Commitment to Diversity”

Featuring Tameika Miller, Director of Communication & Strategy / Events


You may ask yourself, is the Chamber really committed to diversity? Isn’t the Chambers really just a good old white boys club? Are diverse business owners and entrepreneurs really welcomed at the Chamber? Well Ethnic Online asked the same question and did a little digging and this is what we found.


July 2018 Ethnic GEM - Lead Story Tameika Miller

Well let’s review a few facts and see what you think? Did you know the Chamber actually hired an African American by the name of Tameika Miller as their Director of Communication & Strategy / Events? That’s actually a big deal, because an African American Male or Female has never held this position before at the Chamber.


Good step in the right direction, but before we get to excited who is Tameika Miller and what does she bring to the table. Well she was born in the heart of New York City, the village of Harlem, Manhattan upper West side a few blocks away from Columbia University to be exact!


This Spelman College scholar graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English with honors and graduated with an MBA with honors from Kennesaw State University both in Atlanta, GA.  Tameika also won “Making a Difference Awards” for business development projects in former organizations and won Silver and Bronze Promo Awards for consumer promotional campaigns.


Since moving to CT 6 years ago, we asked why she chose marketing as her path of profession and Tameika said. “Marketing has always been my passion… The science of analyzing data and consumer behavior, and using creative strategies to influence decisions… especially to support meaningful, worthy causes and missions, is the most fulfilling for me”. She continues by saying “Now that I’m in the world of nonprofit, I’m eager to translate my 20 years of experience and successes in Sales and Marketing from Corporate America to deliver positive outcomes for this region and for members of our society who are underrepresented.”


With mentors ranging from well-rounded business professionals who balance career, family, and community service, she quickly points out that “my mother was the perfect mentor in this regard and inspired me to think about others, and to act and to give my time and talent to improve outcomes for those who may not be able to help themselves” said Tameika. Good advice I’d say!


Working with organizations such as the United Way of Coastal Fairfield County, Urban League of Southern Connecticut, Norwalk Community College Foundation board, the Executive Board of Delta Sigma Theta sorority Incorporated in Fairfield County, keeps her busy and well connected to serve!


When not indulging in ongoing Chamber and many board member responsibilities, Tameika does find time to travel which is another passion of hers, while still finding time to for voluntary community service and consulting. Tameka’s goal is to “increase responsibilities within marketing and business development for a nonprofit organization and yearns for the opportunity to coach and mentor young professionals is part of her plans for the future.


So I’d say with that type of background, commitment and passion the Chamber gets an A for making a smart choice for bringing Tameika on board!


The Chamber continues to show their commitment to diversity, as they recently set up a Diversity & Inclusion Committee to help keep the Chamber focused on improving diversity across the board. I spoke with Robert Reed an African American who chairs the board and he said “While progress has been made as a collective body, the committee decided to add more structure to the D&I process and long-term strategy.  With that said, during our June 28th meeting, the unified body selected me as chair and Tony Rossley as co-chair.  Over the next several weeks, my plan is to formalize a mission statement, long-term strategy and tactical timeline that will encompass the D&I’s goals surrounding our theme of a better “CollaborHaven”. Currently, we are defining “CollaborHaven” as the opportunity to engage other community organizations.  The goal is to strengthen our respective organizations, share resources, work together, and highlight each other’s specific capabilities.


So the Chamber has taken the initiative in their commitment to Diversity by putting two African American’s, Tameika Miller and Robert Reed in decision making roles that will help shape the future of the Chamber. They have also taken it one step further by adding Ethnic Online as their “Ethnic Media Sponsor”.


With that being said, now there is a call to action by small business owners, entrepreneurs to take full advantage of the many resources of the Chamber.


For more information about the power and benefits of the Chamber and how to become a partner, simply log on to


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