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The definition of “jobseeker” is a person who is actively looking for employment.  I beg to differ. “Job seekers are not just individuals who currently do not have a job. Jobseekers are also individuals who have a job, but are seeking a career opportunity, Job seekers are individuals who have a job but are actively looking for a better opportunity. Job seekers are individuals who are transitioning due to factors beyond their control.”  The definition of job seeker has changed; therefore the articles under the Job seeker section have been designed to address the needs of all job seekers.



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Is Your Summer Casual Attire Too Casual?


It’s important that you project a professional appearance at all times- one that is consistent with your company’s culture and environment.   Become familiar with the company’s dress code and grooming policies which can be found in the company’s employee manual.


If after reading the company’s policies you still have questions about what is acceptable workplace attire, take your queue from a co-worker that you admire.  Take note as to how s/he dresses but don’t forget to make the finishing touches your own. You are one of a kind: your style, personality and individuality must always shine through.


If you require accommodations to the company’s dress code and / or grooming policy, due to religious, cultural, or medical reasons, inform your supervisor immediately.  You do not want to give the impression that you are willfully not complying with the company’s policies.


Although your company may have a casual Friday dress code policy, if you have a business meeting or any other business that requires you to represent  the company with outside vendors or clients, you may want to forego casual Friday and make the effort to put your best foot forward.


Now you are ready to dress for success- even on casual Friday!


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Here are a few of my favorite things to help keep Jobseekers on track!


jobseekerjulyLaunch Your Life


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