Jovani Yolanda Fox, Managing Editor


Up-and-coming author Jovani Yolanda Fox is an eager journalist and editor looking to set the story straight! Born and raised in Boston, Jovani left the big city to take on a different atmosphere, which led her to matriculate at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama.


Upon graduating with honors in 2008, with a B.A. in communications and a focus in journalism, Jovani remained in Montgomery. She began her professional career at the Union Springs Herald Newspaper, as the assistant editor. She later moved up to the managing editor position, where she managed other writers and assumed the lead writer position.


She counts journalism and writing as her passions, and Jovani has spent many years publishing her writing and poetry. Currently, she is working on publishing her first children’s book. Her work can be found in the Montgomery Advertiser, ASU Today, The Hornet Tribune, The Alabama Baptist and The Weekend Pass Magazine. With Ethnic Online as her newest venture, she hopes to reach a whole new level of readers in her home region.

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