The Sexless Marriage – By Sylvia Bayati



Could you possibly become one of the 113 million married Americans that is on the path to having sex ten times or less a year? Have you abstained altogether for years, months, weeks, EVEN DAYS?

Until June 30, 2003, nobody dared to come out of the closet and air some of their dirty laundry and talk about a portion of the “sexless marriage” until Newsweek Magazine published the cover story titled “We’re Not in the Mood.”

Because that article touched on one portion of the “sexless marriage”, it lit a torch on this subject. I’m here to tell another portion and give you the real deal of why couples are not getting their groove on and why many couple’s theme song (by the infamous B.B. King) becomes “The Thrill is Gone”; now the chill is on! They are living without Niagra and Viagra. No living libido loca, none, nada! No sexual bliss! This is not Burger King and they can’t “have it their way” when they are wrong dethroned. The legendary Elvis Presley song “There’s A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On” has plenty to do with a whole lot of cheating going on in relationships. Could there really be any marital sexual bliss? I’m here to ignite that flame and keep it flickering on a subject that needs an awakening and a resolution.

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