Profit With Purpose


Profit With A Purpose – by Tenesha Warner, Founder Egami Consulting Group
Multicultural marketing expert Teneshia Warner, founder of award-winning agency EGAMI Consulting Group, has written a ground-breaking book entitled Profit with Purpose. The book is a must read for brands, organizations and entrepreneurs who want to create meaningful engagement with America’s fastest growing segment — Multicultural Audiences.


Profit With Purpose is about the long view. Teneshia Jackson Warner challenges you to put “Purpose” at the center of every business decision, and she explains how this approach will lead to better decisions, great brand value, inspired and engaged employees, and customers who are loyal and become enthusiastic advocates. The best part is — all of these benefits WILL lead to long term-profits and sustained share-holder value over time.


The book is filled with exciting instructive examples of how brands such as P&G, Verizon, Moet Hennessy and Disney have turned multicultural, purpose-driven, marketing strategies into winning campaigns, global brand awareness, and yes — profitable long-term growth.


Advance reviews for the book have come from agencies, Fortune 100 brands, celebrities, entrepreneurs and community organizations — proving this book is THE NEW MUST READ FOR MULTICULTRAL MARKETING.


Whether a brand manager, a CEO, a student, or entrepreneur, each of us must feel that our lives have meaning in our day-to-day activities. Profit with a Purpose will help you discover that purpose whether for yourself, your company, your brand, or your marketing campaign.


Profit With Purpose can be purchased from Paramount Market Publishing, and other leading booksellers.


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