Roberta Hoskie

Ethnic Gem: Roberta Hoskie

Company: Outreach Property Management

Title: President / Owner

By: Natascha F. Saunders, Senior Contributing Writer


Great leaders rise from their ability to overcome challenges and obstacles no matter what happens in their daily lives.


This is especially true for two company presidents who have made their mark in real estate. Roberta Hoskie and Bobby Maraj are two great entrepreneurs who have risen from the bottom and now to the top of their craft. Even though they come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, they have grown to be extremely strong and active in pursing their dreams in the field of real estate. Both Roberta and Bobby initially did not intend to pursue real estate when they began their careers; however family, personal and life experiences led them to choose this field. Currently, they are both successful in property management, property investment, property sales, land acquisition, and more.


eodark3Roberta Hoskie was a departmental administrator at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York after obtaining her associates degree in office administration at Gateway Community Technical College in New Haven. She studied towards her bachelor’s degree in business management at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. After working for a few years, she found her passion not as an administrator, but as a real estate investor and broker. Working hard as a real estate investor and broker, she achieved greater financial wealth. This entry point helped her to establish Outreach Property Management in 2004. Outreach Property Management operates in three sectors: Residential Property Management, Tenant Placements, and Maintenance Services. As a result of her dedication, the services have provided housing to more 4000 individuals in the New Haven county of Connecticut. In addition, Roberta became the president and CEO of Outreach Reality Servicing and School in 2011, a real estate school licensed with the state of Connecticut for the training and licensing of real estate professionals. The school has continued to expand and is accredited for online continuing education courses.


Roberta is an eager supporter in helping individuals from low and middle income families. In 2006, she established the Outreach Foundation which serves countless families in need per year. This nonprofit organization has continued to grow today and is one of the driving forces behind the H.O.P.E Community Festival and Housing Summit, which every year celebrates this effort, and more than 700 people have been coming to this festival annually.


Roberta used her negotiation skills in a role as chairwoman for Economic Equity and Development in 2011 to help pioneer a Minority Loan Fund into existence. This was a partnership between First Niagara Bank and Greater New Haven NAACP. This loan fund will help countless individuals in expanding their businesses within the urban community. Her intention is to create more jobs for individuals, as well as, to assist individuals in developing business opportunities. An exciting and influential project Roberta is currently working on includes a TV real estate reality show scheduled to be released in 2015, CT Money Makers. In the pre-excitement, the state of Connecticut produced a turnout of 100+ people who auditioned. This show will focus on the everyday person looking to invest and make a financial difference in real estate; whether they are a person living pay check –to- pay check or they have 1 million dollars in the bank. CT Money Makers will have something for anyone interested in learning how they too can enhance their financial lives through real estate


Roberta and Bobby are excellent examples of individuals who have achieved their American dreams. They are fearless and confident in pursuing their passions. Even though they may encounter challenges and obstacles in achieving their goals, they look forward the future without ever looking back on what they may have lost in the past. Roberta and Bobby are great inspirational examples to not just C-Suite senior executives, but they have also managed to influence a rising generation of young executives and community members, along the way.


Ethnic Online commends Roberta and Bobby for paving a legacy that will last for generations to come!

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