Skinversity A Guide to Treating All Skin Types – By Rosaline Lowe



At last, a book devoted to the concerns of all skin types. Skinversity – A Guide to Treating All Skin Types attempts to demystify skin care and aesthetics by presenting a straightforward guide to skin care for all skin types and colors. Everyone can learn something new from this book, regardless of age, skin color or skin type. It’s an easy to understand guide to skin conditions, treatments and products written by an esthetician with years of experience working with clients of diverse ages and skins with a variety of ethnicities.


Skinversity helps consumers make sense of the minefield of information available today about skin care. Rosaline Lowe is known for her specialized understanding of ethnic skin types and her individualized approach to skin care treatments including aging skin, ethnic skin and sensitive or problematic skins.

  • It explains the affirming and challenging aspects for African American skin, Asian skin and white skin in detail.
  • The chapter on aging skin covers all of its aspects, with anti-aging techniques that you can use to make yourself look and feel better as you age.
  • The book provides a step-by-step guide on how to analyze your skin type and techniques to care for oily, normal, sensitive, or combination skin.
  • Chapters on skin care treatments and anti-aging procedures thoroughly outline the differences between over-the-counter creams, prescription creams, and dermal fillers.
  • It covers the common ingredients in skin care products, and discusses the most effective ingredients found in creams, lotions, and masks to make skin smoother and more youthful in appearance.
  • A robust glossary is an excellent resource for information on common ingredients in cosmetics and skin care and spa treatments.

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