“Taking a Knee for Justice” 105th Providence NAACP Freedom Fund Awards!

By Ann Allison Clanton




Former New England Patriot Wide Receiver and CNN Commentator Donte Stallworth

Will headline the NAACP Providence Branch’s 105th Freedom Awards Gala on Friday,

October 27, 5:30 p.m.at the Marriott Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island.


The former NFL wide receiver turned free-lance journalist for the Huffington Post responds to

President Trump, targeting of the predominately black National Football League.

“We can’t allow the president to hijack this conversation and make it all about him, “

Says Stallworth.


At a September campaign rally, President Trump lashed out at players who have joined

a growing protest movement against police brutality directed towards African-American

men, started by the former 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  Donte Stallworth’s keynote address will center on the National Football League’s National Anthem protest and expected to highlight the Football League’s response to Colin Kaepernick and President Donald Trump.


In what many have viewed as a distraction from the issue of police brutality who has responded to President Trump’s 40 character tweets. “Let’s be honest about this discussion, no one is opposed to the flag and the national anthem. What we are opposed to is police brutality and racism and so should you!’ said NAACP Providence branch President, Jim Vincent.


In addition to the keynote presentation by Donte Stallworth, an award to social justice advocate and posthumous Rhode Island Superior Court Judge Walter Stone will be given. The Judge and former Adler Pollock & Sheehen Law Firm partner and civil rights activist, will receive the Joseph G. Le Count Award. Additional awards will be presented to Providence City Councilwoman Mary K. Harris, Eileen Hayes, Myra Latimer, Chanda Womack and Lucy Rose. Tickets for the Dinner are $100 per person.


 For tickets go to www. naacpprov.org




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