The Black Quarterback Syndrome, How to succeed as a pioneer in an organization.

Norman Davis the Black Quaterback Syndrome Photo of BookThe Black Quarterback Syndrome: How to Succeed as a First or Pioneer in an Organization 

– By Norman M. Davis



The book is about the extra pressure many individuals face when they begin a new position and find they are “the first of a kind or a pioneer.”  The realization that no one else like them has either worked in the organization or has held the position before can contribute to additional stress beyond the routine stress one experiences in mastering a new position.  Most organizational positions have over time evolved into prototypes or models of what people should look like and be like… if you are different from the prototype, it is only natural that you might feel extra pressure and experience extra challenges.  This “how to” book provides guidance and success strategies for people who find themselves in such situations.    Additionally, the book offers guidance and direction for co-workers and team members, who are stakeholders in the individual’s success, want them to succeed but are not sure what to do.  Finally, there are ideas for progressive organizations that desire to create and sustain environments that are supportive of pioneers and their onlooker supporters. Many of the “how to strategies” are derived from interviews with pioneers and supporters, all from a variety of fields.


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