The Chica Project: The Next Generation of Latina Leaders

chicaThe Chica Project: Engaging the Next Generation of Latina Leaders

Nurys Camargo, MPA- A Massachusetts Latina leader focused on the professional development of young Latinas!


By Natascha F. Saunders, Senior Contributing Writer


Nurys has been recognized in many publications and media outlets, including Boston Magazine, Latina Magazine, Boston Business Journal, Urban Update, El Planeta, and recently accepted a ‘Women of Courage Award’ from La Alianza Hispana. Ethnic Online is equally excited to feature Nurys Camargo in this powerful edition for her inspiring work!


Nurys is the founder of Chica Project, a year-long social enterprise for Latinas ages 14-18, which is devoted to closing the opportunity divide for young Latinas by empowering them with skills, confidence, and a network to succeed personally and professionally. Nurys believes that there will come a time when every Latina will have access to the education, meaningful experiences, and the mentors required to reach their full potential. She says, “This vision will be realized through leadership development and a network of intergenerational Latina mentors.” Nurys often shares that her mentors were mostly males growing up, and although these men were instrumental in her success, there is value in young ladies being mentored by women.


Nurys was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami by a Dominican mother and a Venezuelan-Colombian father. She is proud of her culture and uses it to drive her passion to recruit Latina mentors and civic leaders. Nurys says that her purpose is “to ensure young Latinas across Massachusetts celebrate their culture and heritage, enable them to connect to the wisdom that exists within, and provide for them a ‘seat at the table’ when decisions about their interests are at stake.”



Nurys has a list of professional and academic accomplishments which have provided a strong foundation for her social entrepreneurial success. With a master’s in public administration from Baruch College in New York City, Nurys is also a graduate from the Latino Health Institute with a certificate in health and human service management from Suffolk University. She has also received a bachelor of science in criminal justice from Mount Ida College. With this repertoire, Nurys’ academic foundation is to be commended.


Nurys’ list of professional accolades includes work on campaigns for John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Deval Patrick. She is now an executive at AT&T and serves in the role of regional director of External Affairs. In this role, she provides community relations at the local level to foster corporate partnership with municipalities. Nurys works on legislative and regulatory affairs where she researches and prepares analysis on legislative matters.


Nurys prior work history includes time as a senior policy advisor for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security where she worked on topics including youth violence, witness protection, and re-entry. With this culmination of experiences, there is no one as befitting to lead this next generation of Latina leaders as Nurys Camargo. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick calls her a force of nature, saying, “When a dynamic leader like Nurys decides to share that dynamism, it’s a great thing on its own merits.”


With her academic achievements, professional accolades, and as the founder of CHICA Project, Nurys is a great example to us all. She is a teacher without a classroom, spreading her wisdom, the value of mentors, and sharing her wisdom to the next generation of Latina leaders. We commend Nurys for paving a legacy that will last for generations to come.


Learn more about Nurys Camargo and CHICA Inc.:


NOTE: *Chica means Girl in Spanish in an endearing way.
* Photo by Jack Rummell

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