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Welcome to the September – December edition of Ethnic Online. With the end of Summer and the return of school in full effect, we wanted to dedicate this issue to the importance of education by sharing with you some amazing teachers in New England and how they are making a difference!


Our Featured Story Highlights Teachers as our “Unsung Heroes” I’m sure everyone of us can think back at a teacher, whether it’s elementary, middle or high school who’s impact on our life has made us the person we are or strive to be today.  Ethnic Online is honored to highlight just a few from around the New England area that are doing just that, “Unsung Heroes”.  

Under Trending in our Health section, we’d like to introduce you to
“School Based Telehealth". What is that you may ask?  Well it’s one of the hottest trends to ensure that all kids have access to healthcare while in school.  Find out what that means and if your child’s school is offering this unique service? Only inside Ethnic Online!

NBA Legend Lebron James, continues to make noise on and off the basketball court with the “I Promise School” that is taking his hometown of Akron Ohio by storm.  His personal commitment to providing education to underprivileged kids is one of the more inspiring stories that sometimes goes under the radar!  Love him or hate, but Kudos to Lebron James for making a difference OFF the courts!


Our Lead Story is about “New Haven Mayor Toni Harp, Poised to Finish the Job” In the 10-year history of Ethnic Online, we have never endorsed a political candidate, but the accomplishments of Mayor Harp have made it difficult to overlook. To learn more about the Mayor’s accomplishments and why she deserves to lead, check out our Lead Story!


The Arts & Events Section of this issue continues to show Ethnic Online’ s commitment to showcasing and partnering with some of New England’s best and brightest organizations!  The legendary BeanTown Jazz Festival is now being replaced by the Boston Music Festival under the direction of new owner of Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen owner Nia Grace. There’s something for everyone, including both Professional and Social events that are sure to satisfy your appetite Our Arts & Events section brings it all to life. 

As always, please enjoy the September - December Issue of Ethnic Online and remember, your thoughts are very important to us, so let us know what you think!  



Leonard Webb


Founder & Publisher of Ethnic Online.