Our Featured Story  “Organically Built & Groomed” Michael Curry, President & CEO Massachusetts Community Health Centers”  Growing up in the streets of Roxbury Massachusetts and avoiding the pitfalls of crime, violence and poverty, Michael Curry rose above all that and now oversees 53 “Community Health Centers in Massachusetts and the Cape.  Follow his fascinating journey!


Our Lead Story: Why We Need “Arts for Anxiety” Imagine you or your child sitting in an elementary classroom afraid to speak, almost frozen because of what’s called “Selective Mutism”.  Introducing MS Kennedy Campbell, who not only overcame selective mutism, but has participated and won numerous beauty pageants, author of children’s books, a professional dancer and so much more all through “Arts for Anxiety” a non-profit organization she started to help address this real issue!


Under Trending: Diversity @ The Top, “Massachusetts Cannabis Commission!”  The state of Massachusetts is quickly becoming a leader in the multi-billion-dollar Cannabis industry!  With so much at stake with policies and procedures, career opportunities as well as guidelines, the Cannabis Commissions leadership team is equipped with a well-oiled diverse team of C-Level Executives and Commissioners! 


The Arts & Events Section We are still adjusting to the new normal, but what we're noticing that most events tend to be online utilizing Zoom and other technology. Keep an eye open on this section, as we will be sure to share relevant Arts & Events in 2021 as they become available. But we do want you to SAVE the DATE  May 1st, 2021 for our 7th Annual Kentucky Derby Day Party!




“The Color of Biotech Massachusetts” Read the story of how 5 successful STEM Professionals from Massachusetts got together and started what could possibly be the NEXT BIG THING!   With STEM literally affecting everything we do and touch, the Color of Biotech’s mission is to make sure that diversity and inclusion is playing an integral role in this ever-growing field!


“February is Black History Month”. We’ve listed 5 things you should know about Black History Month!  Of course there are countless stories you should know about Black History, but we thought we’d get the conversation started with these 5!


“March is Women’s National History Month”  Ethnic Online is challenging all of our readers to acknowledge and thank at least one woman every day for the entire month of March!  We’ve listed a few fascinating women, some nationally known others local to New England who inspire, motivate and educate!  Also, keep an eye open for events in your city that are celebrating Women’s National History Month!


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