Welcome to the September 2020 edition of Ethnic Online!

Our Featured Story: Highlights “A Powerful Example of “Silent Yet Effective” protest on Social Injustice”  Picture for a moment with your mind’s eye, downtown Boston, over 100 well-dressed professional men of color standing in silence for over an hour holding up signs of the names of individuals who murdered because of social injustice!  You have got to check out the story and powerful images.

Our Lead Story: “August was “National Black Business Month” Let’s continue to support, We've listed as a reminder of who they are. But it’s not too late to support. The month of August was an awakening and friendly reminder of the importance of supporting Black Business, now is the time to show our commitment by continuing to support! We have listed a number of Black Business in New England that range from construction, manufacturing, medical and so many more.

Under Trending: “Biggest Election Year Ever! Make a difference VOTE!  This is not a cliché; this truly is the biggest year ever to vote and truly change the game. I challenge everyone to take a moment and take a good hard look at the United States today, or even your own community! Are you happy with what you see? Are you content with the path we are heading? Do you fear for your life and those who are near and dear to you?  Your ONE vote, along with those of millions of others really does make a difference………don’t sleep on this, if you’re not registered, then get registered. Remember, don’t complain if you didn’t do YOUR PART!

The Arts & Events Section We are still adjusting to the new normal, but what we're noticing is that most events tend to be online utilizing Zoom and other technology. Keep an eye open on this section, as we will be sure to share relevant Arts & Events in 2020 as they become available. There is a 2 day Virtual Men of Color Conference scheduled for November 12th & 19th. Click their link above for more information.


“During COVID & Social Unrest” our Mental Health Professionals must practice self-care too! We are grateful and appreciative for the countless hours and personal sacrifices of our much-needed Mental Health Professionals & Medical Staff on the front lines. With that being said, they are humans too and can sometimes be overwhelmed with the influx of cases due to Covid-19 & Social Unrest! What are they doing to protect themselves from burnout & why is that important?


The Ethnic Online STEM Board “building the NEXT generation of Ethnic STEM professionals” I am honored and humbled to have by my side with a common mission, some of the best STEM minds in New England serving as advisory board members of the Ethnic Online Foundation. With their help and guidance, the Ethnic Online STEM Foundation has put together a game plan to “build the NEXT generation of Ethnic STEM professionals”


Ethnic Online hosted their Social Distance 6th Annual Kentucky Derby Day Party Fundraiser! If you’ve ever attended an Ethnic Online Derby Party in the past, then you know we always do it BIG! But this year with all of the challenges because of Covid-19, it proved to be our biggest Derby Party in 6 years!  With guests as far away as New York, New Jersey and all-around Connecticut, it was truly an amazing event…….with all the proceeds going to the Ethnic Online STEM Foundation!  Were you there? Check out who was there and see who took home the crown of Best Dressed Lady & Gentlemen!  Save the Date May 1st, 2021


As always, let us know your thoughts as we continue to strive to "inspire, motivate & educate" !



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