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Ethnic Gem: Devin Morris

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

School: Community Charter School of Cambridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts

By Takiya Green, Sr Contributor Writer

Do you have what it takes to be an inspiration leader? Ethnic Gem Devin Morris certainly does, and he leads with empathy!

Devin’s teaching career was inspired by social entrepreneurship classes he took during graduate school at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. These classes focused on education, which brought him immense joy. Devin immediately knew he wanted to pursue a teaching career to impact change and help the teaching population better reflect his desired student population.

Devin began his career teaching 7th through 9th-grade pre-algebra math. Devin stated, “I absolutely love working with middle school students, particularly 7th grade.” He continued, “7th graders are still developing learners, learning more about themselves daily while simultaneously attempting to assert their independence.” Thinking back, his fondest teaching memory is the student’s laughter and engagement at his corny jokes.

Growing up, Devin’s mom struggled with anger management, which influenced his decision to take a very calm and intentional approach with his students, especially when emotions were escalated. He recalled a time when he encountered a student with an explosive temper. Devin quickly remembered his childhood, the approach he used throughout his teaching experience, and quickly diffused the situation using attentiveness and compassion. Although Devin no longer teaches in classrooms, he continues to use this method and encourages faculty, staff members, and leadership teams do the same.

Devin’s professional experience includes working with school leaders to provide training and support on family engagement. Devin is passionate about creating spaces, opportunities, and resources for educators of color throughout the greater Boston area, alongside business partner, and fellow Ethnic Gem, Jabari Peddie, through a series of events called The Teachers’ Lounge. Devin hopes students, and educators, never conclude their journey of inquiry, learning, and ability to unlock the doors they wish to open in their lives.

He believes with the right teaching, classroom environment, family engagement, love, support, and accountability, students will blossom into future leaders and eventually change the world.

Devin’s kindness to his students is admirable and we are excited to acknowledge his as an Ethnic GEM!

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