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Ethnic GEM in the Making: Jordan Gamedah

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

School: Tennessee Technological University

Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Mathematics

State: Maine

By Takiya Green, Sr Contributor Writer

Are you aware that 75% of American college students are undecided majors or change their major at least once? Jordan Gamedah experienced this same situation until he found his passion for STEM, specifically, mechanical engineering.

Jordan is currently enrolled at Tennessee Technological University (a long way from Maine) and is a rising senior studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. However, choosing mechanical engineering as a major was not an easy decision. Similar to many high school juniors and seniors, Jordan found it difficult to select a college major. As a lover of many subjects, it was challenging for him to choose just one. After spending months researching and pondering about which major he should select, he finally decided to study either literature or film making. Unfortunately, after several conversations with family and friends, indecision resurfaced, and once again, Jordan became overwhelmed with the many choices available to him.

While in his senior year, Jordan had a meaningful conversation with his soccer coach, Zeke Vezina that changed his life forever. After discussing Jordan’s strengths, weaknesses, and his ultimate career goals, coach Vezina helped Jordan realize engineering would be the best major for him. Immediately following that conversation, Jordan decided to pursue mechanical engineering.

Originally from Goldsboro, North Carolina, Jordan has been living in Tennessee since 2009. His family currently resides in Portland, Maine, and he enjoys returning to the New England area to spend his summer and winter breaks with his family.

His mentors include several individuals whose wisdom and guidance has influenced his success. Jordan’s Uncle, Reverend, Dr. Jerry Grimes Jr., and his Grandmother and Grandfather, Sheila and James are three of his appreciated mentors. His brother, Joshua is also an essential mentor to Jordan. As a student-athlete, Jordan values the mentorship of several of his high school coaches, including his soccer coach, Ezekiel Vezina, club soccer coach, Alex Williams, and his college club coach, Derek Knotts. Jordan also has a close friend, Wesley Upshur, whom he trusts and values.

Jordan is currently enjoying his tenure as a college senior while thinking about what his future may entail. When considering his five-year outlook, Jordan stated, “It’s hard to tell with a field as broad as mechanical engineering, but I would like to be in a position where I can a lead or manage creative, innovative, and challenging engineering projects.” He also hopes to have completed his master’s degree in Engineering Management and continue to earn an additional master’s or doctorate. Ultimately, Jordan’s career goals include being part of a team that positively impacts the lives of others through the products manufactured by his future company.

As Jordan’s story indicates, it takes a village! Through the advisement of his coaches, family, and mentors, Jordan has been able to identify and pursue his degree in mechanical engineering.

Jordan is a wise young man who understands the importance of valuing the input, opinions, and experiences of those who care for him, and that is why we acknowledge him as an Ethnic STEM GEM in the Making!

Join us quarterly as we celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of New England's Ethnic GEMS!

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