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Ethnic GEM: Malcolm Connor

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Company: John B. Pierce Laboratory (Yale University Affiliate)

Title: Research Assistant

State: Connecticut

By Samantha Williams, Sr. Contributing Writer

Do you have what it takes to develop and engineer bioluminescent probes that are used in non-invasive brain imaging? As a STEM professional, Malcolm Connor is a Research Assistant who knows exactly how to engineer these exquisite tools.

Hailing from the Bronx, NY, Malcolm and his family relocated to Bridgeport, CT in 2003. Malcolm has always had a passion for learning and self-development. Through his endless pursuit of knowledge, Malcolm became interested in STEM because of how it helps others understand the complexity of the world around us. Malcolm also feels very strongly about educating children about STEM because they are the future leaders and scientists.

In Malcolm’s role as a Research Assistant with the John B. Pierce Laboratory, he is an engineering scientist, working with a team of peers to engineer bioluminescent probes used in non-invasive brain imaging. He relies on his extensive education and job training to perform these functions. He also appreciates the support he receives from his mentors, Vincent A. Pieribone, Ph.D., Director of the John B. Pierce Laboratory. Pierebone is also the Principal Investigator (PI) of the Pieribone Lab. Sunita Subramanian, a Postdoctoral Associate of the Pieribone Lab, is also one of Malcolm’s mentors. In addition to the support Malcolm receives from these mentors, he states, “My forever mentors are my parents. A good foundation is the key to success.”

Establishing career goals is important to Malcolm, and he plans to further develop his skills and becoming an accomplished scientist within the next five years. He will achieve these goals by acquiring a bevy of learned techniques and skills. He also excited to have his work published in scholarly STEM journals to confirm his credentials and qualifications.

Engineering scientists also need to have fun! For Malcolm, fun for Malcolm means running. When Malcolm isn’t running the lab, he enjoys being a sponsored semi-professional/amateur runner for Woodbridge Running Company. He also frequently participates in road races, up to half marathon distances.

Malcolm is the true definition of a STEM professional!

We are proud to announce Malcolm Connor as an Ethnic STEM GEM!

Join us quarterly as we celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of New England's Ethnic GEMS!

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