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Ethnic Gem: Shanique Richards

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Company: Conferdense

Title: Founder- Entrepreneur State: CT

By: Stephan Fortes, Senior Contributing Writer

And the winner is Shanique Richards & Isamar Gomez of the Altice Business Innovation Challenge! Winners of the grand prize of $10,000.00 for creating not 1 but 2 business apps.

The first is called Conferdense, a repository that holds all conferences, simplifies the search for users and helps them find better connections at conferences.

The second app, URBoard, helps small businesses around the world grow, advertise and become more accessible allowing them to make an impact in their respective industries.

Her goal is to create sustainable businesses that have a positive impact on their community and being an inspiration to black women across the globe.

This dynamic ball of energy is originally from Jamaica, Shanique moved to New York in 2012 and then to Connecticut to 2015 where she began attending The University of New Haven. She is currently the president Eta Sigma Delta and is in the National Honors Society at UNH.

Isamar Gomez & Shanique Richards

She has had a lifelong interest in the hospitality and tourism industry that stems from growing up in Jamaica where she learned how tourism affected the economy positively. Her drive to help people, business and economy has morphed into a different career trajectory. She is currently transitioning into the Human Resources sector as a recruiter. Her motivation is to help people find jobs and to aid in career development.

Shanique’s greatest supporter and mentor is her older brother, Wayne Thompson. He is an entrepreneur and VP of telecommunication at Altice USA. She says that growing up with him has taught her the power of technology, entrepreneurship and these 7 principals: education, mentorship, purpose, significance, capacity, never giving up and intentionality.

How she finds time for hobbies seems incredulous but she does. When not making an impact on society you can find Shanique cooking up a specialty dish, traveling to other cities and countries, exploring wineries but most importantly, helping others with career development.

With an entrepreneur’s spirit and the willingness to take on a challenge, Shanique Richards is a force to be reckoned with!

Please join me in welcoming Shanique Richards as an Ethnic GEM!

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