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Ethnic Gem: Yemi Sekoni

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Company: Donahue Models & Talent, LLC - RI’s Title: Owner State: RI

By: Edited by Leonard Webb, Publisher of Ethnic Online

With striking features, always dressed to impress and a walk like all eyes are on her, Yemi Sekoni is the epitome of style & fashion! Of Jamaican and Nigerian descent, Yemi Sekoni, is the president of Donahue Models & Talent, LLC - Rhode Island’s oldest modeling agency. Her company books some of New England’s top professional models and talent and works with many corporate giants across the region, helping these companies to launch successful advertising campaigns and convey critical marketing messages.

The agency offers targeted topics, aimed at enabling individuals to evaluate and improve upon their personal appearance and style. These sessions are designed to benefit, not only professional men and women but also, anyone simply looking to improve their overall image.

In addition to running her agency, Yemi is the founder and creative director of Lights|Fashion|Philanthropy (a fashion-event production & entertainment company that produces Rhode Island Fashion Week and helps to raise funds for local non-profit organizations)

Yemi discovered her passion for performing at the young age of seven when her class staged a short re-enactment of “The Sound of Music” for the school. The bug caught on and throughout her high school years, she took to pestering the school principal for permission to perform at every event. During her four years in college in Nigeria, obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Education, Yemi's passions kept her actively participating in theatre productions for the Drama Department, and performing with the college band.

Equipped with her bachelor’s Degree in Education, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing, and an MBA, has prepared Yemi for a career in banking, relationship management, event planning & management. With over 40 years’ experience in various areas of the entertainment industry, including theater, TV, film, print and runway, After graduating with her Bachelors, Yemi continued to work on stage and ventured into television, appearing on a number of TV dramas and becoming a regular cast member on a critically acclaimed soap opera at the time.

Here are few more of Yemi’s accomplishments:

  • 1992, she teamed up with a group of college friends to establish a theater production company that produced several award-winning stage shows.

  • 1995, Yemi moved back to Birmingham, UK, where she was born. Wanting to further her education, she attended the University of Central England and obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing.

  • 1999, she moved again, to Boston where she went on to earn her MBA at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

  • 2001, she moved to Rhode Island, where she currently resides, and signed up for a modeling program at John Casablancas Model & Talent Management. This was her first introduction to modeling, and she quickly became a fixture on the New England modeling scene, walking the runway for several local retailers and fashion designers, while appearing in local independent movies in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

  • 2006, Yemi met Annette Donahue, founder of Donahue Models, and signed on as a model with the agency. Two years later, she became the Modeling Instructor for the Model Development Program and an assistant to Ms. Donahue.

  • 2009, Annette approached Yemi about purchasing her 37-year old agency, and in August of the following year, Yemi took over as the new owner and director of Donahue Models.

When you finally get a chance to meet Yemi, if you haven’t already, you will be intrigued by her unique voice which can be heard as the main narrator of the PBS-aired, Emmy-nominated documentary, "On the Lake; Love & Life in a Distant Place", produced by G. Wayne Miller and directed by David Bettencourt, producers of "You Must Be This Tall - The Story of Rocky Point"

Website: www.donahuemodels.com

Phone: 401 353 4940

Please join me in welcoming Yemi Sekoni as an Ethnic GEM!

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