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Ethnic Online’s 5th Annual Kentucky Derby FUNDRAISER Day Party!

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

“Setting the TONE & Breaking Barriers"

And they’re off! With one shot of a pistol, the horses are off and running around the track, shaking the Kentucky Blue grass.

Imagine yourself in 1875, at the very first Kentucky Derby.

You are in a segregated section. Jim Crow exists fervently, so you are bound to miss most of the race while sitting anxiously on your small grass section of the crowd. Yet the white and elite are sitting in “Millionaire’s Row”, sipping mint juleps, and placing bets on African-American trained horses and their newly freed jockeys.

Fast forward to May 4th, 2019, hats, seersucker, and the mint juleps are still there, but this year we have no distinction. The Ethnic Online STEM Foundation used this opportunity as an awareness and fundraiser for their mission which is to “build the next generation of Ethnic STEM professionals” We were not in a small section of Churchill Downs but were claiming the “Roof Top of the Brand-New Blake Hotel” open bar, passed appetizers, bright sunshine, networking all while moving to the sounds of DJ That Dana Game! With like-minded partners, MAP Entertainment, Collaboration of Minority Women Professionals, Fairfield County Alpha’s and NAMIC, New England on board, the Ethnic Online 5th Annual Kentucky Derby FUNDRAISER Day Party was the place to be!

The Derby Party attracted over 150 dressed to impressed guest that included, New Haven Mayor Tony Harp, Fire Chief John Alston, City Councilor John Rose, Diageo Executive Malcolm Ellis and his wife Medria Blue-Ellis, Bill Kilpatrick, Frank Dixon, Norm Forrester and a host of impeccably dressed professional…….and those were just a few folks from the Connecticut area. From New York Sonia Marshall-Brown, Executive Director of It Takes a Village to Educate a Child and her crew made their presence felt. But not to be outdone, Boston was in the house with Ethnic GEM Daniel Irvin and his finance Jasmine Webb and a few of their friends made the trip down to New Haven.

Of course, none of this could have be done without a few of our amazing sponsors, WebbMason Marketing, Diageo, Walmart, Pyramid Family Dental who all realize the importance of a STEM education! Thank you!

The liveliness of the attendees gusted into the air of downtown New Haven as after party was at Anchor Spa & the Owl Shop! “Best Dressed Lady” went to Ms. Tasha Hull of Boston, MA. “Best Dressed Man” Mr. Will Hamilton of Connecticut

We hope to see you at our next event- to meet you, to network perhaps, and even to build lasting ties. Stay aware on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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